Exercises to Help Ease Your Neuropathy Symptoms

neuropathyNeuropathy can result in pain, numbness or tingling caused by injury or vitamin deficiencies usually. However, exercise can help reduce pain from this condition.

Exercises to Help Ease Your Neuropathy Symptoms

Range of Motion: These exercises are performed at joints and help stimulate nerve conduction and circulation in the areas that are affected. For example, a range of motion exercise for the foot will rotate the ankle joint. Sitting in a chair, lift your foot and circle in a clockwise motion, then a counterclockwise motion. Repeat this 5 to 10 times in each direction.

Low-Impact Exercises: Walking, stationary bicycling and swimming are low-impact exercises that help reduce complications and pain of foot neuropathy. When walking, keep your pelvis tucked under and the lower abdominal muscles pulled in toward the base of the spine. Walk short distances in the beginning, gradually increasing distance and duration. When biking or swimming, use full ankle joint function, and work the joint to help avoid stiffness and pain.

Toe Tapping Exercises: Sit in a chair with your heels on the floor. Lift your toes off the floor, and then lower them, creating a tapping motion. Repeat this 15 to 20 times. Another variation is to place your heels together, then lift your toes off the floor as high as you can. You then turn your feet outward creating a “V” shape with your heels still touching the floor. Touch your toes to the floor, then lift them again, bring them together, and touch them to the floor again. Repeat this 5 to 10 times.

Sitting Leg Pointers: Sit in a chair with your back straight and your knees together. Lift your right foot off the floor, while simultaneously straightening your right knee. Point your toes into the distance. Holding the leg out straight, point your toes toward your body in a deep flex. Circle your ankle joint clockwise, then counterclockwise five times. Lower your right foot to the floor and repeat this with your other foot.

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