Neurvasia™ In Your Practice

Why Use Neurvasia™ In Your Practice?

The clinically proven ingredients in Neurvasia™ offer a regimen to treating peripheral neuropathy without exposure to the potential side effects from drugs like Cymbalta.

One of the risks associated with offering a single ingredient benfotiame product is that it is essentially a mass-market commodity item. Because of the simplicity of the formula a savvy consumer can easily price shop equivalent products and find substantially less expensive alternatives on line. Nor do you want to see the exact same product being offered by on line merchants like Amazon and Vitacost.

Neurvasia™ blends the same clinically proven main ingredient, benfotiamine, with a proprietary formulation of other vitamins and nutrients to create a novel therapeutic product with no comparable alternatives.

You don’t want to risk a doctor patient relationship that you have worked so hard to build by having to answer a question like “ If I can buy 150mg benfotiamine capsules on line for $18.00 why do they cost $32.00 when I get them from your practice?”

Competitive products may perform a similar biological function but multi channel availability dilutes the economic benefits to your practice. Neurvasia™ is available exclusively through qualified medical professional’s offices. It cannot be purchased on-line or at a local pharmacy. This single channel business model was selected to insure the continuity of income to your practice for products you recommend and distribute.

A national on line advertising campaign will support Neurvasia™. The campaign utilizes the latest SEO and social network marketing techniques to reach the broadest possible audience with its powerful message.

Web site visitors interested in trying Neurvasia™ have access to a “Find A Doctor” widget prominently displayed above the fold on the home page of the web site.  This will direct them to the nearest participating physicians office.

Neurvasia™ is manufactured in a FDA inspected lab that meets or exceeds both NPA and NSF current good manufacturing processes (cGMP) standards.

Please see the to find out how you can start offering this clinically proven treatment.

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