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3 Myths About Neuropathy Exposed

You’ve been to an abundance of doctors and heard a million different things regarding your case of neuropathy. So, how do you know what to believe? To help you out, we’ve debunked the top few myths about neuropathy.

  1. “Your nerves are dead.” If this were true, you wouldn’t even be able to walk. Your calf muscles wouldn’t be able to contract, causing blood to push back up towards your heart, leaving your feet black and ultimately leading to amputation. So no, your nerves are not dead.
  2. “There is nothing more we can do for you”. This sounds pretty discouraging, don’t you think? The truth is, this doesn’t mean that you have no other options, this just means that the particular doctor you are using has explored all options available to him. But has he tried it all? Some doctors aren’t even aware of some remedies like medical foods such as Neurvasia. Therefore, you should find a different doctor that can continue to help you even more.
  3. “You have idiopathic  neuropathy.” This means that the cause of your neuropathy cannot be determined. However, it had to be caused by something, so the doctor who told you this probably just could not figure it out for himself. For your own benefit, you need to find someone who can determine the cause of your case. By doing so, you could potentially be speeding up the healing process. A different point of view can make a huge difference, so seeking a second or third opinion would do you some good.
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